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The Password Safe
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Terms of Use

Services provided

This service allows anonymous users to store passwords and other access codes encryptedly in a database.

Contractual relationship

By using this service users and the publisher do not enter any form of contractual relationship. As a result no obligations or rights can be derived by either side.
Users are invited to use the service, but the publisher claims the right to change, discontinue, and deny the service to one, more, or even all users.
Using this service is comparable to visiting private property. A user can stay as long as being invited, but must leave when asked to.

Service charges

The service is free of charge.

Availability of services

The publisher does not guarantee service availability at any time.

Change of services

The publisher can change the service at any time without prior notice.

Discontinuation of services

The publisher can discontinue the service at any time without prior notice.