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Invitation to Hack

This service is free of charge and is operated without any commercial interest. Nevertheless it is supposed to be a secure safe-heaven for your personal password list. Being secure is a must-have. And the only way to improvement is competition.

This is an invitation to hack this website!

However, please keep in mind that some people choose to store their secret data here. So adhering to a number of rules is a must!

The goal is to find a way to break the encryption and read stored information without knowing the password used to encrypt it. This is not about finding a way to break into the server system and cause damage!

This web site is hosted on a shared root server environment. I do not expect it to be really safe against intrusion attempts. But that's not the point. The data stored in the passvault should be safe, even if the environment is not.


  1. Do not delete anything!
  2. Do not deface the page or modify contents!
  3. If you were able to decrypt data, DO NOT PUBLISH IT!
  4. And finally: share your results with the passvault people FIRST. That is the only way to improve the service!


You might ask yourself: what's in for you? Well, relevant findings will be credited. And did I mention the fun?