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The Password Safe
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What is the passvault?

The passvault is your online password safe.

Storing Passwords in the web? Is that secure?

As secure as can be. Learn more about the Security Features of the passvault.

An invitation to hack? Are you crazy?

Relax. Every website promoting security software or services is an invitation to everyone out there to challenge it's security anyway. The quality of service will not improve unless the community does the real life testing. Please read the invitation to hack to learn more.

What if I forget my user password?

That's the worst thing to happen. Only a hash value of your user password is stored on the server. It simply can't be restored. Since your user password is used to encrypt your stored passwords decryption is impossible without it. Resetting your user password would allow you to log-in. But it won't decrypt your stored passwords.

So please take good care of your user password!